100 nejlepších značek (2006)

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… a z toho polovina je U.S.

Následuje je Německo, ale s velkým odstupem – 9 značek a Japonci s Francií po osmi. Česko v TOP100 nenajdete!

Kritéria pro výběr

  • třetina zisku vydělaná mimo domácí stát
  • obecné povědomí (rozpoznatelnost i mimo zákazníky firmy)
  • veřejně dostupná marketingová a finanční zpráva

(nesplnily např tito: Visa, Wal-Mart, Mars, CNN a nejsou hodnoceny letecké společnosti)

No schválně, jaká značka (firma) je u Vás kandidát na vítěze?

Rozhodují: zprávy analitiků – příjmy/výdaje na 5 let, daně, náklady na provoz a podobně, růstový potenciál, stabilita, marketing.

pořadí 2006
pořadí 2005

hodnota 2006 (mil$)

hodnota 2005 (mil$)
rozdíl hodnoty (%)
 1  1 Coca-Cola U.S.  67,000  67,525 -1% Flagging appetite for soda has cut demand for Coke, but the beverage giant has a raft of new products in the pipeline that could reverse its recent slide.
 2  2 Microsoft U.S.  56,926  59,941 -5% Threats from Google and Apple haven't yet offset the power of its Windows and Office monopolies.
 3  3 IBM U.S.  56,201  53,376 5% Having off-loaded its low-profit PC business to Lenovo, IBM is marketing on the strategic level to corporate leaders.
 4  4 GE U.S.  48,907  46,996 4% The brand Edison built has extended its reach from ovens to credit cards, and the „Ecomagination“ push is making GE look like a protector of the planet.
 5  5 Intel U.S.  32,319  35,588 -9% Profits and market share weren't the only things slammed by rival AMD. Intel's brand value tumbled 9%, as it loss business from high-profile customers.
 6  6 Nokia Finland  30,131  26,452 14% Fashionable designs and low-cost models for the developing world enabled the mobile phone maker to regain ground against competitors.
 7  9 Toyota Japan  27,941  24,837 12% Toyota is closing in on GM to become the world's biggest automaker. A slated 10% increase in U.S. sales this year will help even more.
 8  7 Disney U.S.  27,848  26,441 5% New CEO Robert Iger expanded the brand by buying animation hit-maker Pixar and beefing up digital distribution of TV shows through the Internet and iPods.
 9  8 McDonald’s U.S.  27,501  26,014 6% A new healthy-living marketing campaign—and the premium-priced sandwiches and salads that came with it—have led to a fourth year of sales gains.
 10  11 Mercedes-Benz Germany  21,795  20,006 9% The new S-Class sedan and M-Class SUV are helping repair a tarnished quality reputation. High costs and weak margins will take longer to fix.
 11  12 Citi U.S.  21,458  19,967 7% Already the biggest U.S. bank, Citigroup's quest to generate more revenues from world markets has it introducing its brand to new emerging markets.
 12  10 Marlboro U.S.  21,350  21,189 1% Marlboro remains firmly in the saddle, particularly outside the U.S., as it expands into developing markets.
 13  13 Hewlett-Packard U.S.  20,458  18,866 8% Under CEO Mark Hurd, HP is skipping glitzy image ads to push specific products. Improving profits and a 40% stock price increase haven't hurt.
 14  14 American Express U.S.  19,641  18,559 6% A preeminent financial-services brand among high-end customers, the company is recasting itself as hip to broaden its appeal to a younger set.
 15  16 BMW Germany  19,617  17,126 15% BMW continues to churn out hot models that buyers love to drive and Japanese automakers can't seem to replicate.
 16  15 Gillette U.S.  19,579  17,534 12% Gillette's new six-bladed Fusion razor met with ridicule when it was introduced. But with Fusion sales soaring, Gillette is still king.
 17  18 Louis Vuitton France  17,606  16,077 10% With a glitzy new flagship on the Champs Elysées, the world's richest luxury brand celebrates yet another year of robust growth.
 18  17 Cisco U.S.  17,532  16,592 6% Cisco's decision to lead with its Linksys brand for consumers hasn't made the company a household name yet, but it's helping.
 19  19 Honda Japan  17,049  15,788 8% As gas prices rise, Honda's gas sippers are helping the Japanese carmaker gnaw into the Big Three's market share.
 20  20 Samsung S. Korea  16,169  14,956 8% Samsung is rolling out hot LCD TVs and ever more powerful memory chips. But it is missing in action with low-end handsets, hurting market share.
 21  25 Merrill Lynch U.S.  13,001  12,018 8% Merrill Lynch has made a dramatic transformation from a sleepy, stable brokerage to a lean and mean investment bank.
 22  23 Pepsi U.S.  12,690  12,399 2% It tapped a growing obsession with obesity by shifting marketing dollars to Diet Pepsi. Another boost? Rival Coke's move to copy Pepsi Max with Coke Zero.
 23  24 Nescafe Switzerland  12,507  12,241 2% Sales of instant coffee are piping hot in emerging markets, while flavored coffees and new products have boosted appeal in the U.S. and Europe.
 24  38 Google U.S.  12,376  8,461 46% Its recent inclusion as a verb in the Oxford English Dictionary confirms what competitors feared: Google means search to an army of Web users.
 25  21 Dell U.S.  12,256  13,231 -7% The king of the inexpensive PC is trying to regain trust with a campaign to bolster customer service and technical support.
 26  28 Sony Japan  11,695  10,754 9% Sony CEO Howard Stringer has fixed the TV biz, but other electronics products are struggling. He's betting PlayStation 3 can help turn things around.    
 27  26 Budweiser U.S.  11,662  11,878 -2% A price war and changing tastes left the No.1 beer maker with a nasty hangover. The drop in profits for 2005 was its first in a decade.
 28  29 HSBC Britain  11,622  10,429 11% With retail, private, and investment banking operations in 76 countries, the world's local bank is fast becoming a major force in financial services.
 29  27 Oracle U.S.  11,459  10,887 5% Last year, Oracle bought another major software brand, Siebel Systems. This year it will have to sew it together and keep its customers happy.
 30  22 Ford U.S.  11,056  13,159 -16% The iconic auto brand has declined in every measure. Weak marketing, bad press, shallow product portfolio, and a bottomed-out U.S. stock price hurt value.
 31  30 Nike U.S.  10,897  10,114 8% Nike won in both the casual fashion and hard-core athletic markets with innovative new products, marketing, and partnerships.
 32  32 UPS U.S.  10,712  9,923 8% China-to-U.S. routes are paying off handsomely, while a big contract to consolidate shipments for Dell is providing a boost back at home.
 33  34 JPMorgan U.S.  10,205  9,455 8% Unlike other big banks selling money management units, JPMorgan is building a brand in the business, as merger integration efforts continue.
 34  36 SAP Germany  10,007  9,006 11% New software aimed at smaller businesses helped SAP extend its customer base beyond blue chips.
 35  35 Canon Japan  9,968  9,044 10% Digital cameras and copiers helped Canon become one of Japan's most profitable companies. New boss Tsuneji Uchida brings technological knowhow.
 36  33 Morgan Stanley U.S.  9,762  9,777 0% CEO John J. Mack is overhauling the firm, and its brand, to restore its former reputation as the top investment bank.
 37  37 Goldman Sachs U.S.  9,640  8,495 13% Goldman's repeated blockbuster trading results have made it Wall Street's most profitable money machine.
 38  31 Pfizer U.S.  9,591  9,981 -4% Sold its over-the-counter unit to focus on developing new prescription drugs—a smart move as powerhouse brands such as Lipitor face generic competition.
 39  41 Apple U.S.  9,130  7,985 14% Apple continues to be the style master with its expanded family of iPods and Mac PCs. Its latest hit: the MacBook line of laptops.
 40  39 Kellogg’s U.S.  8,776  8,306 6% The cereal maker is striking an effective balance between healthy products like Special K and sugary treats like Pop Tarts to attract both moms and kids.
 41  42 Ikea Sweden  8,763  7,817 12% Its affordable Scandinavian designs have helped the Swedish retailer become a household name from San Diego to Shanghai.
 42  44 UBS Switzerland  8,734  7,565 15% Melding private banking and investment banking continues to pay off big-time, especially in Europe and Asia.
 43  43 Novartis Switzerland  7,880  7,746 2% The Swiss pharmaceutical giant is expanding across everything from prescription drugs to generic medicines, vaccines, and diagnostics.
 44  45 Siemens Germany  7,828  7,507 4% New CEO Klaus Kleinfeld has disposed of poor-performing telecom units, allowing Siemens to focus on businesses such as medical equipment.
 45  46 Harley-Davidson U.S.  7,739  7,346 5% Still the king of the hogs. Growing sales to women augment the loyal customer base of baby boomers and hard-core bikers.
 46  49 Gucci Italy  7,158  6,619 8% Designer Frida Giannini still can't match predecessor Tom Ford's star power. But sales of apparel and leather accessories are growing nicely.
 47  55 eBay U.S.  6,755  5,701 18% Investors may not like increasing competition from the likes of Google, but TV ads keep boosting the online marketplace's brand appeal.
 48  53 Philips Netherlands  6,730  5,901 14% Buoyed by the success of its medical equipment and high-tech consumer gadgets, Philip's focus on cutting-edge, easy-to-use products is paying off.
 49  51 Accenture Bermuda  6,728  6,142 10% Bundling consulting and outsourcing gigs is helping Accenture stay fierce. Last year, sales grew by more than twice the rate of other tech-services firms.
 50  48 MTV U.S.  6,627  6,647 0% Now 25, MTV is pushing into broadband with the MTV Overdrive site, where it faces competition with MySpace and YouTube for teens' attention.
 51  50 Nintendo Japan  6,559  6,470 1% Nintendo is No.1 in portable video-game consoles, but the unconventional new Wii console machine due out this autumn could be a harder sell.  
 52  40 Gap U.S.  6,416  8,195 -22% Still searching for its fashion identity, the clothier's sales are fraying as it struggles to dress the twentysomething crowd for both work and weekend.
 53  52 L’Oreal France  6,392  6,005 6% This French cosmetics maker's finances are looking prettier, thanks to a rebound in sluggish European sales.
 54  47 Heinz U.S.  6,223  6,932 -10% Slimming its portfolio and adding products like Lea & Perrins hasn't been enough for Heinz to compete with retailers' in-house brands.
 55  58 Yahoo! U.S.  6,056  5,256 15% The company risks looking like an also-ran next to Google, but Yahoo is mining for hits in new areas like social networking and digital content.
 56  56 Volkswagen Germany  6,032  5,617 7% Maybe the most resilient brand in its industry. VW is solving its quality and financial issues, and customers are coming back.
 57  54 Xerox U.S.  5,918  5,705 4% Xerox' stable of color copiers is bringing in a good supply of cash, but it has yet to make its mark in the digital world.
 58  60 Colgate U.S.  5,633  5,186 9% Well into a four-year restructuring, Colgate now has something to smile about with new launches such as Luminous toothpaste finding strong demand.
 59  57 Wrigley’s U.S.  5,449  5,543 -2% With new players chewing away at market share, Wrigley's has been expanding into areas like candy and mints with brand extensions and acquisitions.
 60  61 KFC U.S.  5,350  5,112 5% Avian flu fears in early 2006 slowed KFC's growth in China, the chain's hottest market, but KFC sales are rebounding.
 61  65 Chanel France  5,156  4,778 8% Fresh-faced Keira Knightly is replacing bad-girl Kate Moss as the face of Coco Mademoiselle perfume.
 62  59 Avon U.S.  5,040  5,213 -3% Avon ladies have been struggling. Poor results in many markets, including Eastern Europe, forced CEO Andrea Jung to launch a restructuring this year.
 63  66 Nestle Switzerland  4,932  4,744 4% Best known for chocolate, Nestlé posts stronger growth from other products, such as Nestlé Aquarel bottled water.
 64  64 Kleenex U.S.  4,842  4,922 -2% A mature brand that's working to fend off commodity status. Emotional advertising is helping buoy its image against private labels.
 65  68 Amazon.com U.S.  4,707  4,248 11% Heavy spending on technology for digital media initiatives has depressed the stock, but free shipping and reliability keep customers happy.
 66  63 Pizza Hut U.S.  4,694  4,963 -5% Pizza Hut sales have been drooping as Americans turn increasingly to sandwiches and Mexican fare.
 67  67 Danone France  4,638  4,513 3% A growing global appetite for yogurt keeps the French food and beverage giant in good health.
 68  70 Caterpillar U.S.  4,580  4,085 12% Demand for Caterpillar's rugged machines and engines has never been stronger. Cat is on track to top $40 billion in sales this year.
 69  73 Motorola U.S.  4,569  3,877 18% New products like the RAZR and SLVR have been a hit, and a hip marketing campaign behind them is adding luster to the Moto brand.
 70  62 Kodak U.S.  4,406  4,979 -12% Kodak has defied skeptics by becoming a major player in digital photography and printing, but profits remain disappointing.
 71  71 adidas Germany  4,290  4,033 6% The World Cup was a bonanza for the sports-apparel maker. Securing the sponsorship helped keep archrival Nike at bay before the world's largest audience.
 72  72 Rolex Switzerland  4,237  3,906 8% Rolex remains the ultimate luxury brand worldwide, and with strong sales in China, its appeal continues to spread.
 73  77 Zara Spain  4,235  3,730 14% With its focus on high fashion at low prices, Europe's biggest clothing retailer is so popular that it's opening more than a store a day in 2006.
 74  79 Audi Germany  4,165  3,686 13% Eye-catching design, hot technology, and a new American-size SUV called the Q7 are transforming Audi into a serious global rival to BMW and Mercedes.
 75  84 Hyundai S. Korea  4,078  3,480 17% Fast shedding its image as a cheap automaker. In the latest J.D. Power quality survey of new car owners, Hyundai was No.3, behind Porsche and Lexus.
 76  75 BP Britain  4,010  3,802 5% Not even an Alaskan oil spill or an explosion at a Texas refinery has put a dent in BP's strong performance.
 77  78 Panasonic Japan  3,977  3,714 7% It's a force in flat-screen TVs, digital cameras, and chips but hasn't turned first-rate technology into better brand equity.
 78  74 Reuters Britain  3,961  3,866 2% The global news and financial information giant is moving into derivatives trading with a collaboration with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.
 79  69 Kraft U.S.  3,943  4,238 -7% Fierce competition and rising commodity costs have dogged the U.S.‚s largest foodmaker. Kraft‘s new CEO needs innovative new products to revive sales.
 80  76 Porsche Germany  3,927  3,777 4% ceo Wendelin Wiedeking extends his 10-year winning streak with perfect timing and precision execution on the Cayman.
 81  82 Hermes France  3,854  3,540 9% Best known for leather accessories and silk scarves, Hermes is riding high on the success of a new perfume, Un Jardin Sur le Nil.
 82  81 Tiffany & Co. U.S.  3,819  3,618 6% With sales sparkling in many markets, the retailer's focus on service and design has helped it battle a new set of discount online competitors.

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